Native Planet Aquarius Hiking Socks - Mid to Hot Weather Conditions

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The Native Planet Aquarius hiking sock was dedicatedly designed for hiking in fair to hot weather conditions, and it features the unique NILIT® Aquarius fiber which expedites moisture away from the skin.

The Aquarius sock provides medium cushioning and is suitable for hikers who seek for the perfect match between performance and comfort. 

 The NILIT® Aquarius Fiber

The NILIT® Aquarius features "Micro-channels” in the fabric that, unlike any other type of fiber, naturally reject and pressurize the moisture away from its source.

This unique fiber sports hydrophilic attributes that prevent the sock from wearing off with time, even after repeated washing. 

These durability features become useful especially when you need to spend a few days wearing the same pair of socks.  

Made out of 69% Nilit Aquarius, 24% Polyester, 3% Polyamide, 4% Spandex.

Design and Structure

The high performing Aquarius sock has a triple-T cross-sectioned filaments, creating micro channels that increase the sock's vertical pressure and wick the moisture away from the skin, while keeping the hiker's foot dry and chilly. 

Key Features

* Flat-knit toe seam for extra long comfort

* Y-shape hill support 

* Elasticized arch brace

* Mesh zones for increased ventilation

* Slip-free comfort top

* Reinforced cushioning areas for impact absorption 

Weather Adjustability

The Aquarius is suitable for fair, warm and hot weathers. It will keep you warm during winters and cool in summers.